Imparare il tedesco gratis

Italk Sprachschule has created a wealth of material to help you learn or improve your German. You can access after registration in our website and it is totally free.

What can you find here?

You  find…*A booking system to practice conversations with a German Native Speaker free of charge.

You find…*Help with TELC preparation for different levels.

You find…*Reading material for different levels.

You find…*Listening material for different levels.

You find…*Exercises for learning grammar for different levels: Verbs conjugation; Verbs tenses; Verbs with accusative and dative; Verbs with prepositions

You find…*Adjectives, substantives, connectors, help with typical grammar mistakes and a dictionary.

You find…*Italk students can ask questions here and a Teacher will answer it.

As a result your German will improve easily and with no additional costs!

Anyway, you can always check our upcoming course here.