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Practice conversing in the language you’re learning is vital to understanding it and speaking it properly.

Having the opportunity to practice conversing in the language you’re learning is vital to understanding it and speaking it properly. That’s why we put this at the heart of our learning method and ensure all our lessons are taught by experienced and fully qualified teachers to give students the help and support they need.  We offer a range of class options to suit different people’s circumstances and have an excellent record in helping people to learn German in a way that makes them feel comfortable using it.

Learning by Doing

Our special learning method is based around the idea that people learn much more effectively by practising a language rather than just learning grammar. We find this approach is particularly important in Switzerland where the spoken language is Swiss-German but the written version is German as it’s spoken in Germany. Through an increased focus on speaking the language, we allow our students to grow in confidence while practising German in a friendly supportive atmosphere. Outside of core classes, we also offer students the opportunity to practice their language skills with a native German speaker who will follow the same program as the teacher to allow our students to feel really secure in what they’ve learnt.

Qualified Experienced Teachers

In our language school, we don’t consider a person to be able to teach a language just because they are a native speaker of it.  Our teachers are qualified, have at least 1,000 hours teaching experience and undergo continued professional development to update and refresh their skills.

Variety of Course Options

Because everyone is different, we have different courses available to fit around the time people have spare to learn German and their current ability level. Intensive and semi-intensive courses are available with classes taking place in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. Students can also choose if they would like to add half an hour of practising what they’ve learnt each lesson with a native speaker on a one to one basis for an extra fee. All students will have plenty of opportunities to practice their German in the class as part of a group. However, practising conversation one to one reinforces what was learnt in the lesson. The native speaker will correct the student’s pronunciation and help with vocabulary. This is similar to when we are kids and our parents teach us words, correct our grammar and pronunciation.

High Success Rateitalk teachers performance

The students are requested to take a final exam to pass their current level. This exam is a shorter version of the TELC exam that is one-hour long. The average mark our students achieved last year was 85%. Overall, we find that our learning method is very successful in helping our students achieve their language goals.

Great Feedback

Here are some of the comments left by our students last year:

“It is a great school to learn German. So far, I had studied in other academies and all of them followed the same methodology. Over time that is boring and gives no motivation at all. In this school, they give you the option of having conversations with native speakers as a part of the course. That really improves your pronunciation skills. They are great professionals and very nice people. I only can recommend it!! Thank you very much! Danke schön!!”

“This happens when people do things with energy and passion! Here you are really going to learn German! Danke schön!”

“I like the method used by the teacher, using games and other activities.”

Free Lesson

If you would like to try our method but don’t want to commit to a complete course yet, we offer a free lesson to anyone who would like to see if our language school would suit them.

Try A Free Class

To learn more about our method or our courses, please feel free to contact us by calling 0041 44 550 09 09 or emailing Plans for a greater offering of English language classes are being formulated at the moment so please watch this space for details.

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