fide German Language Test

When can I take the fide test at Italk Language School?

We take the test every day (Monday to Saturday). Just choose which date is convenient for you.

How can I register for the fide test?

You can contact us directly to register (at least 16 days before the exam date) or click on this link. When registering, you can also choose whether you want to take the whole fide test, only the written part or only the oral part.

fide Exam

What does the fide test cost?

The whole test costs CHF 250.-. Only the oral part costs CHF 170.-, only the written part costs CHF 120.-.


How long does the fide test take?

The oral part lasts 40 minutes, the written part 60 minutes.


When will I receive the results / the language passport?

You will receive the language passport and the test results directly by mail approximately 4 weeks after the test. Italk Sprachschule and the fide office cannot give any information about the results over the phone.

What else do we offer?

Preparation course for the fide test including conversation practice for the oral exam.

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