B1-B2 telc German exams for healthcare professionals and preparation courses with a guarantee of success

Italk Sprachschule helps nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, pharmacy technicians, dental assistants, occupational therapists, hygienists and the like to pass the telc German Healthcare B1-B2 exams with our tailor-made preparation courses. All our students have passed their exams.

How can italk help you to get the telc B1-B2 certificate?

  • The cost of your course will be reimbursed if you fail provided that you attended all classes and completed all your homework
  • You can choose the date that you want to sit your exam.
  • Preparation tailor to your needs and focus on approving the telc exam.
  • Professional experts who have consistently achieved the right results for our students will look after you.
  • A convenient location, right next to Zurich’s main train station.
  • Preparation courses that cover all stages of the exam. These include conversation practice for the oral exam.

How will a telc B1-B2 Healthcare Professional Certificate help me?

  • The telc B1-B2 Healthcare Certificate provides proof that you have the language skills required to work as a nurse, physiotherapist or in any other healthcare profession.
  • Healthcare professionals need to understand and be understood by patients, colleagues and other staff. Language skills are essential for gathering and providing accurate medical information, discussing treatment options and addressing patients’ concerns.
  • By demonstrating your ability to work effectively in healthcare settings where language skills are essential, passing the telc B1-B2 Healthcare exam can open up career opportunities for nurses, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, pharmacists, dental assistants, occupational therapists, hygienists and other professionals involved in patient care.
  • In Switzerland, good communication skills are important for integration as well as for working with colleagues and patients. The telc B1-B2 Healthcare exam may be necessary to meet these requirements and to obtain or maintain professional licences.

Are you looking for a telc German B1-B2 certificate exam for healthcare professionals?

Are you on the lookout for a preparation course that will be your ticket to success?

To make sure this is the certificate you need, you should always check with your institution.

How many parts does the telc B1-B2 examination consist of?

The exam consists of four individual parts:

  • An oral exam
  • A written section
  • A reading section
  • A listening part

Can I take the test without enrolling in the preparation course?

Yes, you do have the option to take the exam without having to enrol in any of our preparation classes. Please note that the refund policy only applies to our preparatory courses and not to any single test.

Does Italk assess whether I have a B1-B2 level of German?

Click the link here to take the test. Once completed, one of our teachers will review your answers and assess your level.

When will my telc B1-B2 certificate arrive?

It will depend on whether you choose to do the paper exam or the digital exam.

All exams are marked by telc in Germany and you can expect your certificate within 4 weeks (paper form).

Digital certificates for the B1-B2 level in the healthcare sector are normally processed within a timeframe of approximately 2 weeks.

telc has its own processes and the time it takes to mark the exams, produce the certificate and send it to Italk is entirely up to them. The timeframe we have been given, and which you can check on the telc website (telc.net), is only an estimate. We cannot promise you an exact date and delays are possible.

What is the difference between the paper exam and the digital exam?

Both exams are given in our school, but they differ in how they are done. The digital exam is taken on a computer, whereas the traditional exam is taken on paper. Although the digital option costs slightly more, this is compensated for by a faster delivery of results, which are usually about two weeks earlier than the paper form. However, it is at your own risk to take one or the other as there may be delays. We cannot control how quickly telc corrects exams.

How do I enrol?

Click on “Enrol Now” and fill in the form
Wait for our confirmation
Pass the Exam

Please remember that you need to register for the telc exam at least 14 days before the exam.

How many lessons do I need to take for the telc B1 – B2 certificate?

You must take a minimum of 5 lessons of 60 minutes each at a cost of CHF 1100. Any extra lesson cost CHF 220.

Your level will be assessed by an examiner. The examiner will advise you of the number of lessons required to pass the exam.

Do you offer group lessons?

Our lessons are tailor-made for the individual, but if you and your colleagues would like to study together, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to arrange it.

Is the telc exam a recognized official certificate?

Yes, the telc certificates are internationally recognised and available in 10 different languages. Based in Zurich, Italk Sprachschule is an official language centre.

Many employers, medical institutions, schools and universities recognise telc certificates as proof of language competence. They are accepted as proof of language ability for applications for a Swiss visa, Swiss residence permit or Swiss citizenship. Always check which level and certificate is accepted by the institution you apply to.