Terms & Conditions

  1. Course location
    Our courses take place in Löwenstrasse 65-67, 8001 Zürich. If we need to move you to a different venue, you will be notified before the beginning of your course. No changes will happen once you have paid for your course. The course location will be stated on the invoice.
  2. Enrolment and invoicing
    2.1 Trial lesson
    You are entitled to come to the school for a trial lesson free of charge. The trial lesson has to be authorized in advance by the School’s Management. Your official enrolment begins on the second lesson when your first lesson has been authorized as a trial lesson.
    Following the course enrolment, you will receive an invoice for the duration of the course. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, this is to be paid before the beginning of the second lesson of your course. Usually, intensive courses last 4 weeks per level. Semi-intensive courses last 8 weeks per level. Should you interrupt or leave the course prematurely, you do not have the right to claim a refund.
    2.2 Courses
    Successive courses should be paid for before the beginning of the course. Should you interrupt or leave the course prematurely, you do not have the right to claim a refund.
    2.3 Couse schedule
    All timetables and schedules agreed by Italk Sprachschule are subject to the availability of the appropriate teaching staff. Italk Sprachschule shall always strive to find a substitute for any absent teacher. Customers are not entitled to choose a specific teacher nor a specific native speaker (SP). Italk Sprachschule shall offer replacement lessons or programs if one is cancelled. In cases where this is not possible, Italk Sprachschule shall inform the students immediately and refund any lessons paid for but not delivered at the end of the course. A change in teacher does not entitle the customer to cancel or to withdraw from the contract. Italk Sprachschule GmbH accepts no responsibility for the non-achievement of specific course-related language goals. Guidelines published by Italk Sprachschule GmbH regarding the number of lessons required to reach a level are based on Goethe- Institute but may differ from the actual requirements of individuals. The course structure follows the Common European Framework of References for Languages.
    2.4 Connecting to GoToMeeting for conversation practice (or any other platform in use)
    Italk Sprachschule doesn’t take any responsibility when it is not possible to connect due to technical problems. The conversation practice will take place over the phone without the client having to incur additional costs.
    2.5 Flu symptoms or contagious diseases
    Students who are suffering with flu-like symptons or have the flu will be not be allowed to stay in the class. Missing the class doesn’t entitle the student to a refund or class replacement.
  3. Prices
    The prices at the time of booking shall apply to the relevant services/products. The prices listed on www.italksprachschule.ch include the statutory value-added tax. Certain services/products are exempt from value-added tax.
    The price details for teaching and materials shall be quoted subject to the customer being placed in the appropriate course. If the placement differs from the actual requirements, there may be changes to the prices.  When the student doesn’t attend his/her class or misses his/her       conversation with the Sprachpartner, Italk Sprachschule GmbH will not replace the missed class and/or conversation practice.
  1. Group size and course organization
    In order to run our courses under the best possible conditions, all group courses will take place at the premises of Italk Sprachshule. The courses will have a maximum number of participants as stated on our website. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (on condition of punctual payment). In the case of insufficient numbers of participants, we reserve the right either to run the course as a smaller group and to proportionately reduce the number of hours or cancel the course at any time.
    Italk Sprachschule reserves the right to exclude any customer when there is a justified reason. The customer is not entitled to any refund.
  2. Refunds
    5.1 In the case of course cancellations received at least 14 days prior to course start, we will reimburse the full amount paid, less CHF 50.00 for administrative costs.
    5.2 In the case of course cancellation after 14 days, no refund or credit will be granted for any payment already received.
    5.3 In exceptional cases and only upon receipt of a written request addressed to the school management and following due consideration of the circumstances presented, a voucher for course attendance at a later date may be issued. As a result, an additional administrative charge of at least CHF 50.00 will be invoiced.
    5.4 In the following situations a refund of 100% of the course fees is granted:
    – In case of a course cancellation made by Italk Sprachschule, due to an insufficient number of participants (see point 4) or if no suitable teacher is available (e. g. in case of illness or relocation).
    – If a planned course does not take place.
    In any situation, the amount of the reimbursement cannot exceed the pro rata fee of the lessons which were paid but which did not take place. Any further claims are excluded (e. g. claims based on any financial disadvantages because the client has not achieved a diploma or a personal and/or professional goal or based on any claim or fee by a third party).
  3. Course start
    The course start will be indicated on the enrolment form or on the invoice.
  4. Private lessons, change of time or cancellations
    7.1 Lesson changes should be addressed directly with the teacher. Course participants are responsible for ensuring and confirming that the teacher is informed of the changes in good time.
    7.2 Private (individual) lessons can be changed free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson (Monday appointments by 18.00pm of the previous Friday at the latest). Any cancellations made at a later stage will not be accepted and as a result the cancelled lesson will be charged.
    7.3 It is not possible to change the lesson time of group courses, e.g. because of illness or holidays. Missed lessons cannot be added on or made up at a later date.
  5. Links to external websites
    The Italk Sprachschule website may connect to third-party websites either through links or other methods. Italk Sprachschule does not have any influence on the content of such websites and is not responsible for it. Italk Sprachschule distances itself from any websites that are of an offensive, unconstitutional, illegal or pornographic nature.
  6. Recruitment of employees
    9.1 The recruitment or employment, as the case may be, of Italk Sprachschule GmbH employees by a client during a contract or within a period of 24 months after the cessation of a contract with Italk Sprachschule GmbH will result in the payment of a half years’ worth of the salary of the employee involved (or a minimum of CHF 40 000. – respectively) by the said client of the Italk Sprachschule GmbH
    9.2 Court of jurisdiction Swiss law is applicable. Court of jurisdiction is Zurich.
  7. Final Provisions
    The laws of Switzerland apply. Any changes and additions to the contract must be made in writing. In the event that any individual provision in this contract proves invalid, Italk Sprachschule GmbH shall be entitled to replace it with a valid provision of similar purpose. If this is not possible, legal regulations apply.
  8. Personal Information
    11.1 Personal Data: Client and Participant acknowledge and agree that personal data about the Client and the Participant (“Personal Data”) will be collected by Italk Sprachschule GmbH. The personal information collected shall be kept confidential and secured in accordance with all applicable privacy regulations. Client and Participant are granted statutory rights of access, modification, update and deletion of personal information of Client and Participant (photographs and/or videos of Participant) and may exercise these rights by writing or sending an email to Italk Sprachschule GmbH at the address indicated below. Client and Participant consent to the transfer of personal information to Italk Sprachschule GmbH. If Client and or Participant object to this transfer, Client and/or Participant must contact Italk Sprachschule GmbH at the following address: info@italksprachschule.ch
    11.2 Participant and Client agree that photographs and/or videos can be taken during the course of the Program of the Participant and that such photographs and/or videos can be reproduced and displayed, exhibited and used by Italk Sprachschule GmbH for marketing and all other purposes in any and all media, in perpetuity.
  9. Liability Insurance
    Italk Sprachschule GmbH is not responsible for any damages, personal injury, theft or loss of property that you might suffer when attending our courses, premises or events. You are responsible for ensuring that you are adequately covered.